The Book of Psalms: “The Anatomy of the Heart”

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It all started when…

The book of Psalm is divided into 5 different books based on the five books of the Torah. Individual psalms come from diverse periods of Israel’s history, but at every stage they served as the songbook of God’s people. David wrote about half of the Psalms. His role as king was more than that of a ruler. He was to represent and even embody the people, and their well-being was tied to his faithfulness. The Book of Psalms Continually goes back to the state of our hearts before God. The whole of Psalms focuses on Life, Hope, and truth as it applies to the affections of our hearts. Join us as we Journey through five selected psalms, one from each book over the next five Sundays.

“Can you say Jesus is Enough” 11/4/2018

“Whiter than Snow” October 28, 2018

“Two men, two ways, two destinies” 10/21/2018