The Journey Church exists to make OUTSIDERS INSIDERS through meaningful biblical relationships

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Revealed Truth in Scripture:  to articulate, proclaim, and protect the Gospel of Christ. 

Sufficiency of Scripture: (Sola Scriptura) the bible requires everything God requires us to know. 

Authority of Scripture: As God is the ultimate and supreme authority, His words are not to be taken as anything less than the authoritative standard by which life is to be lived. 

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Redemptive Relationships: To provide opportunities for people to engage in redemptive relationships. 

Loving Discipleship: To disciple people towards a love for God, and a love for people. 

Biblical Unity: To build Christ centered fellowship, allowing us to demonstrate unity as a model to our people, and a testimony to others. 

Transformative Identity: To find our identity in Christ leading us to be a community where self-righteousness gives way to faith righteousness, where people are loved as they are, but loved too much to let them stay that way. 

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Cultural Engagement: To engage the world for the sake of the Gospel, and the furtherance of the kingdom of God. 

Gospel Outreach: To seek creative ways to share the Gospel in our community and around the world. Partnering with like minded people and ministries to foster a city wide church planting movement. 

Culture of Evangelistic Faithfulness: To cultivate a culture of evangelistic faithfulness by praying for opportunities, taking opportunities, and making opportunities to share the gospel.