I grew up number five of six children in a very loving Catholic family. I have one brother and four sisters. My parents did an amazing job raising us within the Catholic Church. My father was a career Air Force Officer and my mother was a stay at home mom who raised the six of us as my father traveled from time to time in his Air Force career.  My father put God first in everything he did. It was God, family, then work for my father.  What a great example for all of us. My father was also a Eucharistic Minister in every church and on every Air Force Base he was assigned. My older brother and I were Alter Boys as well. 

It wasn’t until I went to college that I ventured out beyond the Catholic Church. I felt guilty, at first, for straying away from the Catholic Church and going to a Non-Denominational Church just off campus. But God moved me in a way that day that I never saw coming. He moved me through the powerful words and the Bible verses the Pastor recited that day. It felt like God was directly talking to me and me only that Sunday service. Powerful. But then the guilt came over me again. I felt like I was sinning against the Catholic Church. I never went back. To this day I truly regret that. 

It was six years ago that my wife Elise and I found the Journey Church meeting at Haynes Elementary School, where Pastor Mark was bringing the Word to Killeen.  That is where I began my walk again with Christ and the Journey Church.  The best six years of my life! You see, God is always with us even when we aren’t with Him. His love for us is never ending and His Love is unconditional. Even when we stray away from Him, He never stops loving us. 

We are a blended family.  Elise and I will have been married five years on November 25, 2018.  We have five beautiful children ranging ages 22 to 29 years old. Their names are Evan, Rick, Joshua, Jill Ann, and Jacob. God has truly blessed us and we owe ALL TO HIM, Amen!!!

My Hope for The Journey

My hope for the Journey is to continue our mission by making outsiders insiders through meaningful biblical relationships. I also hope the Journey Church will continue to serve our Killeen community by honoring God through unselfish and faithful service to Him and bringing His Word to our entire community and beyond.